One-Click Free Web Collaboration Platform for Skype Users: LiveMinutes | Online Collaboration Tools |

Robin Good: LiveMinutes is a real-time collaboration tool that enables you to leverage the good audio conferencing capabilities of Skype while providing you with an elegantly-designed interface to share and collaborate around documents and presentations. 

Maximum capacity is around 20 participants with whom you can show any Office / OpenOffice document, PDF or presentation you have while also providing a live video of your selected presenter.

"When you change page or scroll to a paragraph, your guest's view is automatically updated, so you are always literally on the same page. You can also annotate your documents with sidenotes and drawing tools."

Not only. All your uploaded files are stored in a library where you can organize the according to types. 100MB capacity. (soon to be extended)

Other key features include:

  • Integrated Google Maps collaboration
  • Text chat
  • Meeting scheduling system
  • Participants rights management
  • Sketching and diagramming tools
  • Whiteboarding tools
  • Live minutes reporting including files and chat exchanges
  • Open API

LiveMinutes is free to use and will soon add additional capabilities including multi-point video conferencing.

I really like whatLiveMinutes offers and would recommend anyone to try it. 



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