Affordable Lifesize HD Videoconferencing with Eyeris | Online Collaboration Tools |

Robin Good: Eyeris is a new hosted videoconferencing system which provides HD lifesize quality video even with low-bandwidth Internet connectivity. 

Eyeris can work both in standard and HD videoconferencng modes, accommodating both standard (384Kbps) and high-definition (1.7Mbps) viewing.

"Eyeris offers an affordable package by removing the capital expenditure investment and complimenting it with low-cost bandwidth solutions such as Vox's Fishbone."

Key features: 

  • True high-definition life-size communication
  • Real-time document/presentation sharing
  • Legacy system support
  • Hosted IP bridge, enabling multi-point, multi-access video conferencing
  • Single-user desktop facility
  • Unprecedented bandwidth efficiency
  • Share presentations and group documents 
  • 3 year extended hardware and software warranty
  • High-level 24/7/365 support
  • On-site servicing and repairs
  • Supports linking of older ISDN solutions to newer IP solutions and vice versa
  • Home- and mobile-user video conferencing support
  • Single view (1 screen), dual view (2 screen) or no screen (customer supplys their own).
  • Screen sizes ranging from 32" to 47"

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