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Robin Good: YouDazzle is a new online collaboration service which allows you to share files, manage private meeting rooms, do screen sharing and have real-time discussions with your team members.

Key features include:

  • a minimum of 20 GB of storage
  • File sharing
  • Screen-sharing
  • Unlimited private rooms
  • Unlimited guests
  • Analytics
  • Dropbox Integration
  • Custom Branding

PCWorld writes: "The company uses third-party public clouds, hosted by Amazon Web Services and DropBox, to not only store files in a cloud, but allow for multiple users to access them during Web meetings.


YouDazzle features password protected online "rooms" that store files that can then be shared by a host with invited members to a meeting.

The software also supports screen sharing and a discussion feature that allows for real-time conversations during the online meeting.

The company's software is integrated with Dropbox APIs, which allows for documents that are stored in DropBox to be edited in the application and stored back into the cloud."


YouDazzle, which released the product this week, has a free version, allowing one user to host a single meeting. (*Credit card required)

For $20 a month, a user can host an unlimited number of meetings, while for $40 up to three hosts can access the software and for $100 a month up to 10 hosts can start online meetings."

(Source: http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/253389/youdazzle_combines_social_collaboration_cloud_storage.html )

Pricing: https://www.youdazzle.com/pricing 

Try it out: https://www.youdazzle.com/