Beyond Task Lists, Project Gantt Charts and Mindmaps: Organize Your Information Tasks with mySimpleSurface | Online Collaboration Tools |

Mysimplesurface is a new kind of visualization and information-organization tool that sits between a mindmap, a project management and a task-list tool.

From the site: "My simple surface is fast and designed to manage lots of things in a semi-structured environment."

"...My simple surface is like a big white board for quickly and easily organising lots of things. When there's too much going on, you need space. You need a surface to put things on. Move things around. Step back. Organise, and re-organise."

Sets of information nodes can be organized into "surfaces", which are logical group of items connected together.

"Capture points quickly onto a surface. Organise, and re-organise later.

Create as many surfaces as you need and link them together. Manage large projects with inter-related surfaces. Organise them in the way that makes sense to you."

Surfaces can be shared with selected team members by inviting them via email through the dedicated Share function.

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(Reviewed by Robin Good)