Robin Good: Altadyn is a new Facebook prototype app and API which allows you to create, edit, personalize and publish three-dimensional spaces in which to meet, talk and share content with your other people.

Key features include:
-- Voice/IP
-- Chat
-- Desktop Sharing
-- Live Feeds on screen
-- Manipulate 3D Objects
-- Laser pointer
-- Auto-animated objects
-- User-triggered animations
-- Basic physics
-- Multi-Functional Avatars
-- Import your own 3D Buildings or furniture
-- API.

Altadyn is a Platform as a Service on the cloud, and it has been designed for Facebook app developers, who want to create easily accessible sophisticated applications where users enter 3D immersive spaces and socialize virtually with each other.

Source code of the prototype app MyLoft is available free of charge for all registered users of the Development Platform within their free account. App developers can use My Loft source code as a basis for developments to which they add value with:

-- their own content: variety of creative avatars and variety of 3D spaces,
-- customization features: enabling creative custom homes,
-- their own application purpose: gaming, hangouts, photo viewing, video watching, concerts, dance floors, meetings, events, etc..

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License for apps with less than a 100 daily users are offered for free.

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