Robin Good: UberConference is a kind of audio-conferencing app focusing on making it easier for both the host and the participants to find out more about the other people participating, while "seeing" always who's who, who's attending and who's talking.

UberConference integrates a full conference audio recording function (downloadable .MP3), the ability to mute or "boot" anyone who is not behaving properly inside an event or a discussion, and the option of talking "secretly" just to one or more selected persons (while the others cannot hear you).

To make all of this possible UberConference has created a visual board that displays all participants faces and names, and allows once you click on anyone of them to check their social profile and their online activities.

At the end of a conference the service provides you with a summary report listing you the topics covered, who participated and who talked (and for how long).

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(Thanks to Ana Cristina Pratas for discovering this one)