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Scooped by Robin Good!

One-Click Free Web Collaboration Platform for Skype Users: LiveMinutes

One-Click Free Web Collaboration Platform for Skype Users: LiveMinutes | Online Collaboration Tools |

Robin Good: LiveMinutes is a real-time collaboration tool that enables you to leverage the good audio conferencing capabilities of Skype while providing you with an elegantly-designed interface to share and collaborate around documents and presentations. 

Maximum capacity is around 20 participants with whom you can show any Office / OpenOffice document, PDF or presentation you have while also providing a live video of your selected presenter.

"When you change page or scroll to a paragraph, your guest's view is automatically updated, so you are always literally on the same page. You can also annotate your documents with sidenotes and drawing tools."

Not only. All your uploaded files are stored in a library where you can organize the according to types. 100MB capacity. (soon to be extended)

Other key features include:

  • Integrated Google Maps collaboration
  • Text chat
  • Meeting scheduling system
  • Participants rights management
  • Sketching and diagramming tools
  • Whiteboarding tools
  • Live minutes reporting including files and chat exchanges
  • Open API

LiveMinutes is free to use and will soon add additional capabilities including multi-point video conferencing.

I really like whatLiveMinutes offers and would recommend anyone to try it. 



More info: 

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Scooped by Robin Good!

Chat In Any Language You Want: TransFire XP iPhone Application

From the official press release: 

TransFire XP is the first Instant Messaging App for iPhone with real-time translated chat. 

Say for example, your Argentinian cousin, Carlos, speaks only Spanish. With Transfire XP, you can now chat with each other in real-time, without any language barrier. Send a message wishing Carlos a "Happy Birthday!", and he will read "Feliz Cumpleaños!" on his phone. Carlos then responds, "Gracias," and you read, "Thank you."

TNT Creations announced today the release of their iPhone application, Transfire XP, free for a limited time. 

Transfire XP brings the first chat and instant-messaging app with real-time, translated text. The application features a user-friendly interface, fast message delivery, and supports over 50 languages.

Transfire XP finds contacts on your local phone or device, and supports contacts from Gchat and Yahoo Messenger. Upcoming support for chat on Facebook, ICQ, Baidu is coming next.

The translation is made possible by integrating Google Translate. 

Transfire XP is free for a limited time.

Find out more about it: 

Available in the AppStore here: 

David's comment January 5, 2012 11:13 AM
what a great tool!
Scooped by Robin Good!

A Private IRC Chat Platform for Your Company: Grove

A Private IRC Chat Platform for Your Company: Grove | Online Collaboration Tools |

What it is

"Grove is a hosted IRC service targeted at paying business clients who would use a private chat service to for internal discussions.

Grove is built on the IRC protocol and allows any business to set up its own web-based private IRC server that includes features such as archives, search and channel access controls."

Key Features

  • No software to install
  • Full chat archives
  • Searchabe archives
  • Channel and user access control
  • Web-based access 

Interface screenshot 


"The first 30 days are free; after that, business pay according to their size: $10/month for five users, $25/month for ten users, $50 month for 20 users, and so on." 


"Bootstrapped, but taking on big competition
Yammer is probably Grove’s most visible competitor in the enterprise communication tool space... "

More info 

Full review: 

(Curated by Robin Good)

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