Robin Good: Mindmeld is an upcoming iPad app which allows you to conference in real-time with other people with video and audio, and to find relevant related information about the things that are being mentioned in your talk.

As you are video-conferencing you can tap a light bulb icon which powers a background search on the terms being mentioned in your conversation. By sliding the conferencing pane to the left, you can then reveal a information page that lists both the key terms being mentioned, as well as related information pins, on the very topics being identified.

You can also type in manually any term or topic you would like to see more info on, and immediately share any relevant info block with everyone else in the meeting.

"MindMeld is an iPad app (for now) that uses Facebook’s open graph and identity to help create quick audio or video conferences. Add a few people and start talking. But here is where things get interesting: As you speak (or other participants speak), the app listens and starts surfacing information pertaining to what you are talking about."

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(Thanks to @OPEN_INTEL for pointing me to it.)