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Robin Good*: TeamWox is both a groupware app for small teams as well as a full-fledged enterprise management system integrating tasks, documents, CRM, contacts and more.

TeamWox is available both as a cloud-based service or as a downloadable software for your PC (Windows-only).

The cloud-based solution, TeamWox SaaS, provides all enterprise management services including chat, boards and IP telephony management free of charge for the first two months. Thereafter it charges $15/user/month.

TeamWox On-premise is the small-team, groupware version, which allows you to download a free Windows application that you can use for groups of up to 10 users.

Key features include:

1. Human Resource Management (HRM)

2. Tasks

3. Documents Management (DocFlow)

4. eMail Client
5. Organizations & Contacts (CRM functions)

6. Message Board (Forum)

7. Corporate Search Engine

8. Reports
9. Online Assistant (Chat)

10. Service Desk (HelpDesk)

11. Accounting and e-Bank

12. IP PBX Phone System

Key features in detail:

Free download (for PCs):

Online demo:


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