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Robin Good: Board800 is an interactive multi-user (shared) whiteboard web app providing basic drawing and illustration tools.


Key features include: 

-> Multi-user shared whiteboard with simultaneous access and drawing capabilities

-> Add as many pages as you need

-> Users can work independently on the pages, and all the pages being accessed are visible to all the users connected to that session

-> Support for Rich Text Editing

-> External images can be added and entire work can be saved as an image (.png)

-> Auto detection of connectivity issues and re-synchronization in case of connectivity failures

-> Save your drawing as a .png file

-> Basic drag drop support of shapes created. The shapes are in layered format, and can be sent to back, brought to front just by right clicking on them

-> Option to lock the toolbox items when selected, such as when using the freehand drawing tool

-> Transparency support for the shapes created, along with color selection for both Rich Text and the shapes created


Free to use.


A server-based version is available for purchase and installation.


Try it now: http://board800.com/draw 


More info: http://board800.com/ 

Via Baiba Svenca