Robin Good: Airtime is a new social videoconferencing app that allows you to have one-to-one video conversations with people you have probably never met before, but who share your same location and interests.

From TheNextWeb review: "Essentially, it’s like Chat Roulette, but not nearly as creepy, and with little to zero nudity.


From "Airtime is the combination of two existing technologies; web-based videoconferencing and interest-based user pairing."

"Airtime is tied to your Facebook account (Parker is the former President of Facebook, which should help to ensure successful integration).

The Facebook connection serves a few purposes. It allows Airtime users to easily initiate video chat with their Facebook friends, and it also allows Airtime to peek into your publicly listed "interests" (likes, subscriptions, etc.) and use that information to connect you with other, random, Airtime users."


Try it out now: