Robin Good: Forget Google Drive coming next week. I have just been testing for a few days Bitcasa, which promises unlimited storage for $10/month (free while in Beta) and I must say I have been quite impressed.

Once installed on your Mac or PC, Bitcasa makes itself available to "cloudify" any folder/directory you want with a simple click and then it works in the background to upload and copy all of your files to the your infinite storage drive.

You can sync-up different computers and portable devices and get access to all of your precious files from anyone.

To show how eager Bitcasa really is to receive tons of your files and to backup hundreds of gigabytes of stuff, Bitcasa has installed on my Mac a little utility (with my approval) that automatically offers me, everytime I plug in an external hard disk, to cloudify its contents. 

I have already cloudified over 20GB without a hitch and now I can see them from all my computers. 

If you need to work or collaborate with othe people, are on the move, and can't carry around a suitcase of hard drives, Bitcasa may provide an ideal solution at a very accessible cost.

Very promising. 9/10

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